During a 3.5 month trip living in a van, we met up with the one and only MDK in Vancouver Canada. He gave us a few of his CDs for the road, and we headed south in Washington and Oregon. There was this magical moment when this song came on just as we were pulling up to Cannon Beach at sunset. This incredible view paired with this song will be forever engrained in my memory. The next day I decided to add some drum parts to the song in front of the same view.

My Drums:
Kick: Custom built
Snare: Custom built
Kick Pedal: Single Tama Iron Cobra,

Thank you Patrons! Charlie Irvine, Michael Snook, Chris Anselmo, Nate Sumbot, Dale Semple, George Ablett, Coco Sun, Ian Gilfillan, Harald Hirsch, Nicolette Hawco, Francois Goudreault, Mike Hakesley, Jessica Johnston, Austenson Rueter, Gertjan Kampen, Benny Kaay, Devon Hughes, Stephen Cousino

Track: Waves by MDK


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