I’ve got the eye of the tiger. Well I actually I have the eye of a human. But that’s neither here nor there. Stay tuned to the end to enter for a free Naman shirt!

I also added some drum parts to Katy Perry’s brand new song called “ROAR”.

Thanks for watching! Leave me your requests in the comments below.

Enter the free Naman shirt contest by tweeting this video and including the hashtag #PhilJDrumsROAR – we will pick a winner this week and contact for details like size and stuff.

Drums Only Overhead Camera:

Drums Only Side Camera:

Drums Only Front Camera:

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Also props to my buddy Lee Zavitz for filming and mixing this cover. Check him out as well:

Naman Clothing

*All drum parts are real as seen. No pre-recording, editing, or sound replacing was done 🙂

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