I added some drum parts to Saviour by Lights

4 thoughts on “Saviour Lights – Philj Drum Remix

  1. Hey! U are mental:) watchin ur videos all day. Just saying Hello from Ireland:)

    Keep it up, oh and loving the t-shirts n socks:)

  2. Hey, I was looking up remixes of Lights’s songs and I stumbled apon this drum remix, I think your really awsome on drums, good job and I think you should make more drum remixes! 🙂

  3. 😛 was great chatting the other… i would love to leave a nice comment but thanks to our awesome Sonicwall… unfortunately it is blocked, is there a way to get an mp3 or mp4 or some sort?! I heard 3 of your drum covers; Circus, Heartless, and Beside You… jaw down awesome! keep it up! definitely make it an effort to promote your stuff this side of the world!

  4. You have definitely got mad awesome skills. This sounds great. Would love to be able to download it in mp3 format…anyways keep up the great work!

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