WHATs UPPP? Probably buildings planes and migratory birds and their digestive systems being used in-flight….wait….look down quick!!! AHHH! Whew that was close those birds almost pooped in your mouth. What was I talking about? Oh right – this is a song I got to play the drums for with Dave Days (http://youtube.com/davedays) and Nikki (http://youtube.com/nikkiinhollywood). I made a trip down to LA (much like a migratory bird would) to film a video with these two studs.

This video is the complete actual take from the studio when the drums were recorded. A huge thank you goes to my good buddy Lee Zavitz for filming and recording these drums. Check him out athttp://twitter.com/howshebe!

Also, check out my clothing company Naman Clothing (http://namanclothing.com). It gives jobs to people who would have really crappy lives if their jobs didn’t exist – so I think that’s awesome 🙂

More videos here: http://philjdrums.com

*All drum parts are real as seen. No pre-recording, editing, or sound replacing was done 🙂

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