I have been using the Istanbul Traditional Cymbals for a while now and just recently I decided to try out the Alchemy Crashes. I got 19″ and 20″ Custom Rock Crash cymbals. And they sound incredible. For someone who hits the drums really hard like myself, to keep from breaking cymbals usually the cymbals have to be made of some iron-man suit-like material – which usually sounds pretty crappy and clangy.

The Alchemy Custom Rock cymbals are not only tough and durable – but the sound is so nice. They aren’t clangy-sounding at all – but still have a huge punch and shimmer when you hit them. The other Istanbul Traditional cymbals I was using were pretty good – but I can’t compare the sound and durability to the Alchemy Custom Rock’s. They are sooo good. MMmmmm.

What kind of cymbals do you have/use/love?

6 thoughts on “New Alchemy Cymbals

  1. Just tripped over your covers on You tube – I’m going to spread the word Dude (and I work for CTV television so thats a good thing)
    MAD skills.

  2. Hi there, I use and LOVE Paiste Alpha Cymbals, my sizes are – 14″ Metal Edge Hi Hats, 17″ 18″ Rock Crash’s, 20″ Rock Ride & coming soon 18″ Swiss Crash!

  3. I personally am in love with Trx cymbals. I have a 21′ crash ride i can lay into really well, also a 19′ crash ride and 13″ brt hi hats. I love trx because I feel like you can combine any group cymbals to get a custom sound that all drummers are looking for

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