Snare skins.

I recently switched my snare skin from the Remo Emperor X to the Evan's  HD Dry. The Emperor X is multi-layered and is the most durable skin I've ever used. The only problem I had with it was getting it tuned up the way I liked it. I always seemed to have a ringing noise out of the snare when I tuned it up super tight. I like having my snare skin as tight as possible and I just couldn't seem to get the sound I wanted from the Emperor X. The Evans HD Dry has been sounding really awesome. I can tune it up super tight and it still gives a hard solid punch. The only drawback is that it is less durable than the Emperor X so I've had to change it more often as it wears out sooner. Still, for shows and studio stuff it's worth the extra cost to be changing the skin more often.     What type of snare skin do you use? How do you tune it up? Let me know below!

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  1. steffen
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