This is an original song I wrote called “The Dawn” and it features Lee Zavitz on guitar, bass, and backup vocals. Thanks for watching you crazy canoes!

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Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Lee Zavitz:

Naman Clothing

*All drum parts are real as seen. No pre-recording, editing, or sound replacing was done 🙂

Drums Only Front:
Drums Only Overhead:

In the dark of night
In a barren land
When you’re losing grip
With a fearful hand

And there’s no escape
With the pressure high
It’s looking grey and grim
With the light so dim

Don’t let the sadness take you over
It’s always there waiting round the corner
When you’re surrounded on all sides
I’m telling you there’s hope amid these rising tides

Don’t lose who you are
In the middle of it all
And don’t lose who you are
When your world’s about to fall

Just a little longer
Believe and hold on
Cause it’s always the darkest
Right before the dawn and

If you can just find a way to push through
Cause it’s the best thing you’ll ever do
Hold on to what you know is true
When things go wrong it’s so hard

Change like a tidal wave
It will find its way all over you
It won’t always be this way
And it’ll get better soon so

There’s some good and it’s coming for you
Don’t you let go, don’t you dare it’s not true
We’re in the thick of of the night
But I’m telling you the dawn is so close
The dawn is so close

The dawn, the dawn
It is so close for you
The dawn, the dawn
You’re gonna make it through this

Keep your eyes fixed on that eastern sky
And forget what they say – let it pass you right by
Keep your eyes fixed on that eastern sky

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